P2pool + Bitcoin full node + merged mining installation script

Click here to download the script!


This script downloads and installs bitcoind, p2pool, and other coins for merged mining. It is designed to be installed on a fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.04. It can be used with either the Server or Desktop editions. If you want to find out how it works or make sure it's not doing something dodgy, I urge you to just read the file! It's plain text (not a binary executable file), well documented, and about as clear as I can make it.

How to download

If you are using a graphical interface, simply log on to this page, right-click the link below, and save the file somewhere you can find it, like in your Home or Documents directory.

If you are using a text-only interface (such as a terminal, or ssh'ing into the server), use the following command to download the file:


How to run it:

To download the source code and compile yourself (slower but more secure):

./ --compile

The source code is downloaded from the official git repository for each coin, then compiled on your local machine. Depending on how beefy your system is, this could take an hour or so to complete.

To download precompiled binaries (faster but less secure):

./ --download

The downloaded archive is provided by murdof; I have NO CONTROL over it. To contact him, use this thread on the forums.

In addition to compiling or downloading the daemons, you may also choose to download the bitcoin blockchain via http. Add the following to the command line:


However, if you have access to bittorrent, it's instead highly recommended that you download the blockchain using that instead. See this post on the forums for more details.

If you don't use this, the blockchain will instead download using the (much slower) built-in peer-to-peer process.

Note: If you choose the --download option to update your current install, it will OVERWRITE your config files!

Click here to download the script!